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In memoriam of bobby farrell

Bobby Farrell

Roberto “Bobby” Alfonso Farrell (October 6, 1949 – December 1930, 2010) was a dancer and performer, best known as the male member of the successful 1970s pop and disco group Boney M. Farrell Lived in Amsterdam Southeast, neighborhood or Gaasperdam.
He was born and raised on the island of Aruba in the Lesser Antilles, where clause hey lived until age 15. After finishing school, he worked as a sailor for two years, traveling across the oceans before settling in Norway. Norway, he went to Holland, where he has some work as a DJ in Holland before for better opportunities in Germany.
Years with Boney M.

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Roy Hodgson beautiful home desain by Bjorn Hedvall

The studio is just a renovation of the Plaza Theatre Astoria in Stockholm. The cinema was designed by Bjorn Hedvall and opened in 1931, but recently it has become such a luxury 423 square feet of living space. The apartment has a terrace 39 square meters and an orangery of 22 square meters. The main salon is the ceiling height of 7.8 meters and includes fun stuff like a ring of fire, a luxurious bathroom with sauna adjoining recreation area of Japan, a high resting place, a walk-in and 5 meters from the palm tree. The beautiful terrace of the sun all day in summer. The apartment has also two stores of 92 square meters total area. Currently it is available for sale and rent.

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Buy IPhone 4 Verizon? think twice

Buy IPhone 4 Verizon? think twice
If you have not heard, a favorite world of technology and more impertinent questions were again raised. Yes: That seems immortal “iPhone on Verizon buzz back in the news again.
This time, a report in The Wall Street Journal is to rekindle the flame of the iPhone Verizon. The story, originally published on Monday, citing the popular “informed by the company, like Apple will produce a CDMA version of the iPhone is ready later this year. The new iPhone, the document suggests, will be sent directly to Verizon .
Wait, though: Before launching the closest welcome mat, there are some things you might consider.
iPhone on Verizon: A skeptical view
When a story quoting anonymous people and does not provide more evidence, it is difficult to assess the reliability of their information. Of course, he could be dead – but as we have seen repeatedly in the past, it could also be complete nonsense.
Me, I want to treat these types of speculative stories with a healthy dose of skepticism. Until there is no real reason to believe in something, it’s ultimately all just rumors.
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The table a piece of nature indoors

You want a piece of nature indoors without having to drop the use of additional furniture and planters? The table Wettstein Emily can do this in a neat and simple. It is a large dining table custom-made from reclaimed walnut, which has built a planter that runs through the middle. This planter can be easily removed for the country to change if any new planting. The overall design of the table is very elegant. Imagine how cool it would look like if you have a few orchid plant …

PS If you feel that you can try similar table by itself or even upgrade an existing one.

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Coffee table designed by Meneghello Paolelli Emoh


Nano-system is a coffee table that consists of two units of different heights. It was designed by Meneghello Paolelli Emoh for and won the Red Dot Award 2010. Both feature round tables, methacrylate lacquer tables with integrated LED strips that spread to the edges. This table gives a very soft light, which accentuates the shape of the table, without being too invasive. The table base is made from a cone that extends for a balanced proportions of this table. There are several variations of the game available. Tables could come up with a basic white or black and white, gray or black top methacrylate.