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Crop Circle : UFO landing on Sleman Yogyakarta Indonesia

Crop circles or circular patterns in the fields of agriculture, reportedly first appeared in England in 1647. Widely publicized appearance in the media since the late 1970s. This phenomenon was most mysteriously appear at night.

Crop circle is almost always associated with the story of a UFO (Unidentified flying object), despite the fact that, most of the pattern that proved human-made or caused by natural factors. Only about 20 percent of the ihwalnya still a mystery, until now.

Here, a number of corp circle from time to time:

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Beautiful Carbon kitchen from Poggenpohl

Poggenpohl is one of the latest concept for the design of today’s household kitchen.
Poggenpohl itself has been introduced to the public before the end of 2011 by famous designers from Spain that is Jorge pensi.
This design is actually intended for a domestic kitchen design exhibition in Germany, on 18-23 January 2011 ago.
This product adheres to modern design, very solid, very beautiful in every detail.

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We are have a new home

r3m1ck us have a new host :D

Firstly, I want said sorry to all of you because about three days ago cannot be accessed, the problem is we have terminated from the server, and now we have a new home at Hostgator, I hope this can be no problem again. I`m sorry if the pictures is not visible because we must upload again the pictures, so be patient to waiting….

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When my Mind Stop Thinking

When my Mind Stop thinking

There’s an interesting thing today, precisely dated 5 January 2011 when the electricity inmy area went out. You could say interesting to say can also be said crazy weird. to knowthat I have a 1000 free sms from one of famous telecommunication service provider inIndonesia that I use. I send my sms to some friends that contain “:)”. after a while somefriends sms reply, here is their reply :

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Solar Halo Phenomenon in Yogjakarta

Halo on Jogja today

The term halo effect refers to potential errors in the observations due to something or someone over-generalizing from the evidence in limited quantities or the influence of beliefs already held or a priori hypothesis. The name “Hello” in this sense, optical phenomena in the form of a circle of light around the sun, the moon, or sometimes other light sources such as lamps, which have similarities to this generalization.