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How to change your name Facebook if get limited

I have a problem with my facebook when my name of my facebook account get limited :( , so i ask to all my friend and get nothing, they all said that condition is permanent, cann`t be change. So i directly to searching on google, and found a solution for my problem :D ,
I will share this trick to change your facebook name if you have condition like what i was.
There is Step by Step how to change your Facebook name :

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BackTrack 5 Released

After we waiting for a long time, now may 10th , 2011 BackTrack 5 released. As BackTrack 5 development rolls on full steam ahead, we’ve been getting numerous questions about the future release. We thought we’d publish a blog post with general information about BT5 for the impatient. The codename of this release will be “revolution”, for a bunch of reasons.

BackTrack 5 will be based on Ubuntu Lucid (10.04 LTS), and will (finally) support both 32 bit and 64 bit architectures. We will be officially supporting KDE 4, Gnome and Fluxbox while providing users streamlined ISO downloads of each Desktop Environment (DE). Tool integration from our repositories will be seamless with all our supported DE’s, including the specific DE menu structure.

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Tutorial : Build Simple Mobile Application :)

Ok , i want share about how to build a simple mobile application with java programming. It`s just a simple code which the result is only main form, and then you can select the option to execute next form, the second form is a registration form, and the last form it`s just show the result of what we fill in the second form, ok here we go :

1. I`m using a netbeans 6.9 to build this simple application, the netbeans 6.9 need java me to run the application mobile, first step is create a new project.
File –> New Project –> choose Java ME and select mobile application