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My Twenty one on Twenty one June 2011

Today, June 21th 2011 , I was 21 years old, new ages … new hopes .. :woot: many birthday greeting that I received from my friends. I also got surprised from my dear, after my maghrib prayer I was surprised by the arrival of my girlfriend with her friend who brought a cake and singing happy birthday sung by my friends.

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Hash Type :)

There are a list for hash type and i describe for each description, enjoy this 8)

Example: IvS7aeT4NzQPM
Used in Linux and other similar OS.
Length: 13 characters.
Description: The first two characters are the salt (random characters; in our example the salt is the string “Iv”), then there follows the actual hash.
Notes: [1] [2]

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Simulation to Attack And Defense :)

This is my second official e-book, this e-book I give title “Simulation Attack and Defense” , this e-book contains how to install joomla (I`m using joomla CMS for simulation) , attacking joomla CMS, and how to defense or patching the bug . I hope this e-book useful for knowledge. I`m not responsible if this tutorial used as criminal action

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Secure your WordPress !!

This my first official E-book, this e-book contains tips and tricks how to securing your WordPress CMS. WordPress is very popular, in addition to free and open source, wordpress is very powerful for SEO , most publishersusing Wordpress astheir CMS. Because many user too many opportunities for attack.