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Custom Domain in Blogspot

:woot: How do I use custom domain in my blogspot? hmmm maybe I ever tell how to use cutom domain in privately to my friend but he forget the step by step. Okay, before I going to office, I want to share about how to use custom domain to your blogspot without cPanel, we using panel domain in this case. let’s go to first step.

Setting on Blogspot

1. Log in your blogspot

2. going to Settings tab and choose publishing

3. click “Switch to advance settings

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Create Admin Notices in WordPress Admin Dashboard

Hi yaa… long time no see  8)  after finished my tessis now I can write again in my lovely blog  :fufu:  . Today I want to share a little tutorial how to create admin notices in wordpress admin dashboard. There are two style of admin notice , the first is admin notice with yellow color and red color. okey here is the code :