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Browser – 32 Useful Portable Apps For Web Designers and Developers

Why portable Apps? because portable Applications is easy to use. Portable applications are lightweight and we do not need to install the applications. Portable application frequently saved on our usb flashdisk :) . I had collect a lot of useful portable applications and i would like to share those applications with my readers. Let’s look into these applications now:


  1. Firefox Portable Edition

    Firefox is a popular web browsers and had created the portable version of this application. Install this application on your USB drive and you can bring your bookmarks along with you. I have this application in my USB drive together with some useful plugins.

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  3. Google Chrome Portable

    Google Chrome is quite popular browser and it has advantages over other browsers. For example, Chrome will run different tabs as separate processes, which will prevents different windows to interfering each other. So, grab the portable version of Google Chrome and start chroming.
  4. OperaUSB

    Probably you want to try out your design in different browsers. We have Firefox portable, Chrome portable and IE installed by default. So, it is better for us to have OperaUSB installed on our USB drive so that we can try out our design in these popular web browsers no matter where we are.

There are some Portable application for category browser :) , this is part 1 , we will next to part 2 tomorrow :woot:

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