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How to build Hotspot with MikroTik

After we learn about how to build MikroTik for gateway , in this case I want share about how to build hotspot network with MikroTik technology. In this case all of pc client will connected with access point for get DHCP configuration from router with pool until Access point must in position bridge mode and DHCP on access point must be disable because DHCP will distributed by local interface router.

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How to build MikroTik for Gateway

MikroTik for Gateway

MikroTik for gateway is one of implementation which most using in internet cafe as router internet cafe. MikroTik must have at least 2 LAN card for interface on local and on of them for gateway interface. Okey , this is how to build MikroTik for gateway, first I will give some information to do the configuration.

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Several Terms in the Networking

Asynchronous Transfer Mode, a technology transfer network that supports data, voice and high-speed video.
Fiber optic cable that connects high-speed region in the U.S. metpolitan along thousands of kilometers.
The amount of data (typically in units of megabits per second) that can be transmitted through electronic channels.
Explaining high berbandwidth services, such as DSL and cable modems.
Circuit Switching
How to work a regular phone where the phone company to make a special circuit along the network between the caller and the receiver telephone.

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List of TCP and UDP port numbers and Their Function

TCP>> Transmition Control Protocol
UDP>> User Datagram Protocol
TCP which is a protocol that allows for communication within an application program to access ato use the service. TCP is called “Connetion-Oriented”. Ensure package to the destination. Still remember Header-Header in TCP?
there is a header that indicates the serial number of the first octet in the TCP segment. exist that show the serial number of data packets (acknowledgment). so that if the data packet until the destination. they will be in descending back, so that no data packets to be sent back.