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Import BIG csv to database

Do you facing problem when import big csv file into database ?

[fruitful_pbar][fruitful_bar type=”progress-bar-success” width=”69%” stripped=”true” active=”true”][/fruitful_bar][/fruitful_pbar]

already waiting since a hours and still have no progress in loading bar ?

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How to Setup Laravel 4

“Goodbye Codeigniter… Hello Laravel” , maybe some of you ever heard that sentence before. In the first decade of Codeigniter , I was very interest with this PHP Framework. with their simplicity , great documentation and active forum it helps me to develop some app with this PHP Framework. But after work at Gameloft and just focus on develop game for Android devices I never touch Codeigniter again. And last week I hear the brand new PHP Framework that more powerfull than Codeigniter. It called Laravel. So for first touch I will share how to setup Laravel in Windows OS. In this tutorial I’m using composer and github to setup the Laravel.

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FIGlet Generator

Hi :woot: , this is my second post for today. Do you know Figlet ? if you never know about FIGlet , you must read it first Figlet History . The purpose of this tool is just for help us create figlet font. We using figlet.php from zend framework. You can grab it on figlet.php . And if you want to add your font DB for FIGlet , you can visit this site .
Okay here we go ! 8)

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Morse Code Converter

Hi , how are you buddy ? :woot: I hope you always be healthy :smile: . Today (28th May 2013) I can’t come to office because of sick. Yaa.. I got high fever last night until this morning, but its not make me far from my lovely PC :lol: . And for fight my boredom I’m playing with my text editor :hoam: . Its just for fun, tools for convert plain text to morse code with PHP CLI.