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add_shortcode not working

Heyho !

Today I change my site themes and upgrade the system ( currently I am using wordpress ) to latest version. While I migrating to the latest wordpress version (4.1.1) I had a little probelm on my shortcode function. the add_shortcode isn’t working. Then I check on wordpres codex ( ), there’s no new update on this pages. So, I tried to register my add_shortcode function to init.
here is the old code

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Simple Ads Post

Hi comrades 8) , long time no see :woot: . During ramadhan I take much time to focus praying to God, and now I have good time to write again :musik: . Some of you have good known about Google Adsense, and how to optimize Google Adsense. One of the optimization is perfect layout for your Google Adsense.

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How to Setup Laravel 4

“Goodbye Codeigniter… Hello Laravel” , maybe some of you ever heard that sentence before. In the first decade of Codeigniter , I was very interest with this PHP Framework. with their simplicity , great documentation and active forum it helps me to develop some app with this PHP Framework. But after work at Gameloft and just focus on develop game for Android devices I never touch Codeigniter again. And last week I hear the brand new PHP Framework that more powerfull than Codeigniter. It called Laravel. So for first touch I will share how to setup Laravel in Windows OS. In this tutorial I’m using composer and github to setup the Laravel.

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Generate Google Map with Geocode

In this case We just put some variable from json file of google map and show the result in grapichal map. The json file is generate from this url = . When the json was generate we put longitude and latitude to draw the map, also other information.

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Custom Domain in Blogspot

:woot: How do I use custom domain in my blogspot? hmmm maybe I ever tell how to use cutom domain in privately to my friend but he forget the step by step. Okay, before I going to office, I want to share about how to use custom domain to your blogspot without cPanel, we using panel domain in this case. let’s go to first step.

Setting on Blogspot

1. Log in your blogspot

2. going to Settings tab and choose publishing

3. click “Switch to advance settings