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Change wordpress footer encrypted

encrypted code

If you use a free wordpress theme is usually part of the theme footer on encryption toprotect your identity change theme maker. But we are so unable to insert the code into the footer of us because of the encryption code. The following are the steps to open theencrypted code.1. Open your cpanel , usually its , and then open the file manager

2. go to your theme directory, its usually on wp-content/themes/your-themes

3. Open and edit the index.php

4. Add on this code on the get_footer function

<!–Our dear footer starts here–>

<?php get_footer(); ?>

<!–Our dear footer ends here–>

placed code

5. Save your index.php and then reload your site, after this you must see the page source ( ctrl+u ) on browser

the page source of your footer

so the last step is copy and paste the code on result of page source to your footer.php

Happy Coding ^ ^



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