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Create Our Online Radio Streaming

Do you want to have your own radio? here is cheap solution to make an own radio. radio that I mean here is an online streaming radio. Using the services of shoutcast. There are following are simple steps to create our own online radio streaming. What we need is an internet connection, and some plugins winamp support, for its servers we will use a shoutcast server for free.

1. First download dsp plugin for winamp, its function is to link your winamp with shoutcast server :
2. Install the plugin
3. first register on the site to get a free shoutcast server
4. Follow the prompts, enter the username, password, and email your
5. Then you get a stream setting, Server IP / Host, Server Port and the password





6. Fill in these settings to the plugin winamp

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7. Do not forget to fill in a description of your radio, and also setting the bitrate to mp3 encoder, 48kbps

8. Connecting betwen the server and winamp plugin

to share your radio you can access your server : port , example , or choose the menu Tune in links & scripts in your account :D

Happy Dejjaayyyyyy :D

this my radio


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