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Cyber Jawara 2014


If you are noob, be a master, if you are a master be a “god”, and if you are a “god”, improve the “universe”, don’t try to rule it.

It was Tuesday morning when my friend who work at IDSIRTII/CC text me about Cyber Jawara.Cyber Jawara is kind of hacking competition that organized by IDSIRTII/CC and it’s under control by Kemenkominfo. He ask me if my team will join the Cyber Jawara competition or not.

Suddenly, he’s shock me out with that question, because I never playing those “toys” since last year. I remember last year we attend the same competition ( Cyber Jawara 2013 ) but we don’t qualified to final round.

Originally, my team consist of three young boys. El Farhatz , Pokeng, and me. They are my best friends, first I met El Farhatz and Pokeng was on internet relay chat. It was long time ago, when I was in college. And also we have two other members, they’re Pokeng’s friend. Yudhi and Risqon.

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Because I don’t know if we will participate in this event or not, I sent text to El Farhatz, but no answer , then a few hours later Pokeng text me that he needs my ID to register Cyber Jawara. Okay I think its time to show off again :P .

To qualified the final round , we must be in top ten leaderboard. the first phase there’re 100 teams and just only ten of 100 teams will be qualified to final round. And guess , my team take a second place in leaderboard

the final round take place at Bandung a.k.a Paris van Java .


and this is my team “Maju Jaya Abadi”.  from left to right : Risqon, Yudhi, me , Pokeng, El Farhatz

unfortunately, we can’t win this competition, we are on fourth/fifth ( I don’t know exactly because we have same score, but the final score isn’t published yet : I will update it later ) .

yeah Sadly, but its okay for me. about 10 minutes before the final round is finish, our team is on third place ( have same score with second place ) but suddenly 3 minutes before the competition is finish three other teams can solve the problem and take our place :(



Next time Cyber Jawara 2015 will be held on Bali Island. :musik:

See you at Bali Island guys !!


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