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Geysers phenomena in the world

Geyser is a kind of hot springs that periodically sprayed hot water and water vapor in the air. The name comes from the word geyser at Geysir Haukadalur, Iceland. The word became a verb gjósa Iceland “gush”.
Geyser formation depends on hydrogeological conditions that exist only a few places on earth, and therefore the geysers is a rare phenomenon. There are about 1000 worldwide, about half in Yellowstone National Park, USA. Geyser bursts of activity may be suspended due to precipitation of minerals in the geysers, earthquakes and human intervention.
Expulsion of liquid nitrogen were observed in Neptune’s moon, Triton. In addition, the south pole of Mars is covered with ice, there is a possibility sembuaran carbon dioxide. This phenomenon is also often called the geysers, but not caused by geothermal energy, but heating by the sun and the greenhouse effect. Triton, the nitrogen can be sprayed with a height of 8 km.


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