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Hackers plan 9/11 attacks


September 9th, 2011

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Team Poison will hit US government agencies on the anniversary
By Dave Neal Post in theinquirer

HACKERS Team Poison have promised to support activists looking to protest against the US government on 11 September with attacks against its agencies.

In a message posted on document sharing web site Pastebin, the hackers announced Op911 and explained that they plan to protest against what they claim was an “Inside Job”.

“9/11/2011 will be the 10th anniversary of the september 11 attacks. We the people will take to the phone lines and protest against the inside job that led to thousands of innocent people being killed,” they wrote.

“On 9/11 phone the numbers bellow and say: “Dear USA, your 9/11 is our 24/7, Sincerely. [a country that has been bombed/attacked by USA]. so; e.g: “Dear USA, your 9/11 is our 24/7, Sincerely. Iraq”.

There follow phone numbers for the White House in the US and a number of other US agencies including those in Libya and Afghanistan.

Team Poison writer Trick explained that phoning the numbers repeatedly would work in the same way as a denial of service attack, but for telephone lines rather than computer systems. Team Poison apparently will take care of the latter.

“Once we have got our message out to the government we will then attack corrupt organizations/companies to raise awareness cause havoc at the same time, mass phone calls will have a huge effect on the business, they work the same way DDoS works but instead the phone lines go down,” it added. “Ring ring!” µ

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