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Happy independence day Indonesia 66th


August 17th, 2011

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No Feels anniversary Indonesia has entered the age to 66. Age growing and increasingly well developed and the number of human development. Affairs of the tub like a fairy tale where the stick and the wood could be a plant, where the hooks and nets enough to feed its people, where all the content of this nature can be enjoyed by all the Indonesian people are beginning to be seen again. The older the mother earth, the farther from the noble ideals of its founder.


Every August 17, images of the past is never lost. Memorial of independence 17 August I spent a very sacred. Still remember the time when the high school, became a pride when my class was selected to represent the school to attend the anniversary ceremony at the governor’s office in Indonesia. We had to memorize a lot of fight song that really stirs a sense of nationalism and pride for the motherland. I myself still memorized the songs that struggle.

A pride also when selected as the flag raisers Paskibraka heritage or national let alone both at the provincial level. A proud and thankful for the grace that should in due to pass into Paskibraka was very difficult. Besides the physical requirements of many tests that must be passed. Competition was very tight because the participants come from all schools at the provincial level. let alone to qualify for the national level, provincial level already wrote so tight competition. When it escaped and became a member Paskibraka, pride will be pinned on the chest. Not only students but also parents and local school where he was.

The excitement begins H-7 prior to August 17. Many events are held to welcome the start Indonesia’s birthday. From competitions to decorate the gate, walk up to the evening screening of films in theaters struggle.

I myself as a child living in an area that can be spelled out much of the progress, only a few theaters, there is only a middle-class cinema theaters and the rest is economy class. Do not imagine the cinema with a foam seat, my favorite movies when it is cinema with a hard wooden chair and potluck important audio heard by the audience. Tickets for 200 dollars without making my numbers come early if you do not want to get a bench two feet from the screen.

The films are screened to commemorate Independence was able to lure anak2 benar2 little like me. Cinema becomes full because it is usually film showing the struggle of heroism and heroic fighters Indonesia in seizing and maintaining this independence. My habits and my friends after watching the film struggle is mimicked, Yes .. mimic scenes in the movie. With the arms of a small bamboo with a damp paper as pelurun commonly called tulup we started playing perang2an. We divide ourselves into two groups facing each other, and call ourselves with the characters in the film struggles. None of us want to be occupiers, to the extent that we have gambled because if not done eating our games will not materialize. Maybe this is what is called nationalism of small children that are embedded in us at that time.

Currently all of the other, on the anniversary of Indonesia only interpret as a ceremony without pride. No more movies at the cinema because the struggle has been replaced by the heroism of another nation. No longer a pride following the memorial ceremony for independence because independence is considered disturbing their day off especially if it falls pad ahari weeks. No more songs of struggle because it is not pleasant to hear the fight song as compared with the boyband nuanced songs of love. more sad again when the Pancasila as the state aja not memorized. Never mind the fight song and even the national anthem was not memorized. Anniversary of independence has become a regular holiday without meaning.


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