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How to build Hotspot with MikroTik

After we learn about how to build MikroTik for gateway , in this case I want share about how to build hotspot network with MikroTik technology. In this case all of pc client will connected with access point for get DHCP configuration from router with pool until Access point must in position bridge mode and DHCP on access point must be disable because DHCP will distributed by local interface router.

Early Configuration

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we using last configuration from “how to build MikroTik for gateway” there is the print of configuration

Hotspot Configuration

we using setup command to get simple configuration of ip hotspot

note :

  • hotspot interface = interface for hotspot
  • local address of network = gateway ip for hotspot
  • masquerade network = default value is “yes” , this function is for local interface be masquerade to public interface, like a NAT.
  • select certificate = fill with SSL certificate
  • ip address of smtp server = default value is , it`s for your ip address smtp mail.
  • dns server = address for dns server for resolve domain in pc client
  • dns name = url which be redirect to portal login hotspot
  • name of local hostpost user = default is “admin”
  • password for the user = user password

for add new user with limit time 1 hours you can using command : ip hotspot user add name=r3m1ck password=ganteng limit-uptime=01:00:00

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