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How to build MikroTik for Gateway

MikroTik for Gateway

MikroTik for gateway is one of implementation which most using in internet cafe as router internet cafe. MikroTik must have at least 2 LAN card for interface on local and on of them for gateway interface. Okey , this is how to build MikroTik for gateway, first I will give some information to do the configuration.

1. Public IP :
2. Gateway :
3. DNS 1 :
4. DNS 2 :
5. PC 1 :

Client Configuration

For client configuration, here we assumption client using windows OS , ok , lets start from Start -> Setting -> Control Panel , and Choosing Network Connection, choose Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) and click properties.

fill IP address with and for gateway fill with IP address router, and the last fill Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server with DNS 1 and DNS 2 like from information.

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Configuration on Router

As default ether1 or in this cases we will change ether1 to local have default ip address , that`s why on PC 1 we fill on default gateway, if you change this ip address you must change default gateway on client configuration too.

Gateway Configuration

command to give gateway in mikrotik is ip route add gateway=ip-gateway , If gateway have been added so all of packet from IP will redirect into gateway with router interface.

DNS Configuration

DNS is using to translate ip address into domain address and from domain address into ip address. ISP will give you 2 DNS to be setting on DNS configuration, primary DNS and secondary DNS.

command : ip dns set servers=dns1,dns2
ip dns set servers=,

NAT Configuration

What is NAT? NAT is Network Address Translation, this function is to forwarding packet from source ip address to destination ip address or from destination ip address to source ip address.
there are 2 kinds of NAT , source NAT (srcnat) and destination NAT (dstnat).

End of concept

Checking all connection with ping command from client and from router :D
happy working with MikroTik

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