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In memoriam of bobby farrell

Bobby Farrell

Roberto “Bobby” Alfonso Farrell (October 6, 1949 – December 1930, 2010) was a dancer and performer, best known as the male member of the successful 1970s pop and disco group Boney M. Farrell Lived in Amsterdam Southeast, neighborhood or Gaasperdam.
He was born and raised on the island of Aruba in the Lesser Antilles, where clause hey lived until age 15. After finishing school, he worked as a sailor for two years, traveling across the oceans before settling in Norway. Norway, he went to Holland, where he has some work as a DJ in Holland before for better opportunities in Germany.
Years with Boney M.
In Germany, he worked mainly as a DJ to producer Frank Farian spotted for his new Boney M. group. He became the only artist in the male group, although Farian later revealed that Bobby made “almost no vocal contribution to the group’s records, with Farian himself performing the male parts on the songs in the studio. What she claimed only Liz Mitchell Farian and had sung in the hit recordings. Farrell, however, performing live in some of the Incarnation of various artists “Boney M”
He also appeared as a dancer at the end of 2005 Roger Sanchez Turn on the video or music.
He died on the morning of December 30, 2010 at a hotel in St. Petersburg. His agent said John Farrell was Seine Complain or breathing problems after performing “with his band the night before. The cause of death is still unknown.
1982: Polizei / A Fool In Love
1985: King Of Dancing / I See You
1987: Hoppa Hoppa / Hoppa Hoppa (Instrumental)
1991: tribute to Josephine Baker
2004: Aruba style (mixture)-S Cream With Bobby Farrell
2006: The Bump EP
Boney M. Bobby Farrell / Boney M. Featuring Bobby Farrell Bobby Farrell / Featuring Sandy Chambers
2000: The Best Of Boney M. (DVMore)
2001: Boney M. – I successi (DVMore)
2001: The Best Of Boney M. (II) (compilation)
2001: The Best Of Boney M. (III) (compilation)
2005: Boney M. – 2005 Remix (with Sandy Chambers) (compilation) (Crisler)
2007: Boney M. – Disco Collection (compilation)
Please note that all rewrites theses releases containerization Hits Boney M. – Not the original versions.

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