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News Releases: Acer Iconia

Features offered by these devices is the dual 14 inches touchscreen size. On this laptop-tablet no traditional keyboard, but its replaced by touch-based virtual keyboard on the bottom screen.

The bottom screen is configured as an extended desktop so you can just drag and drop your desktop items onto the bottom screen if you so wish, and you can make programs like the web browser fill both screens for viewing loads of content at once.
To make this concept more practical, Acer has used a touchscreen that can sense up to 10 points at once, meaning you can properly touch type on the custom keyboard that fills the entire bottom section when needed. The sensing is very good and we could indeed type at a very impressive pace. The way the keyboard simply appears as you rest your hands on the screen is also rather neat.

Armed with operating system Windows 7 Home Premium, Courier concept is radically different from all the touchscreen tablet we’ve seen so far. Iconia designed with journal-type interface. lets you adjust the dynamic-update web clippings, pictures, notes and other content in a way that is designed to make your life a lot easier to organize.

As it is essentially just a standard laptop, it sports all the standard laptop bits and bobs that you’d expect including 3xUSB ports, HDMI output, headphone and microphone jacks, VGA video ouput, Ethernet, and even eSATA, though there’s no optical drive. internally you get an Intel Core i5 CPU and standard hard drive options.


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