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Random Password Encryption

Hey ya 8) , Today I just want to fill my spare time with share some codes. Some of you may know about encryption. I’m using MD5 and SHA1 for this example. First I want to tell you what is MD5 and SHA1 . MD5 is Message-Digest Algorithm version 5. MD5 is a widely used cypthograpich hash function that produces a 128-bit hash value. SHA1 is Secure Hash Algorithm. SHA-1 is a cryptographic hash function designed by the United States National Security Agency and published by the United States NIST as a U.S. Okay :redface: , this example I using combination of those encryption, MD5 + SH1 and also random char to create hash.

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Here is the codes

# Random Password Encryption with PHP CLI
# Rosdyana Kusuma -
# md5 + sha1 + random
# Exploit-ID :: IndonesianCoder :: KebumenCyber

class EncryptPass{
		function __construct($pass){
			$random = "bajingankeparatkucumadipermainkancinta5432109876";
			$encrypt_md5 = md5($pass);
			$encrypt_sha1 = sha1($pass);
			$encrypt_all = md5(sha1($random.$pass.$random));
			print "\nMD5 for ".$pass." is ".$encrypt_md5."\n";
			print "SHA-1 for ".$pass." is ".$encrypt_sha1."\n";
			print "Random Hash for ".$pass." is ".$encrypt_all."\n";
		function help(){
			print "\nHow to using :\n";
			print "pass_encrypt.php < fill with your password > \n";
			print "pass_encrypt.php r3m1ckganteng \n";
$pass_crypt = new EncryptPass($argv[1]);

Thats example will result MD5 , SHA1 and combination from MD5+SHA1+random char.

HAppY COding Comrades !! :lol:

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