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Show Adsense between Posting

Still filled with sorrow I tried to get up from this fragility, OK we start it, I will share about how to display adsense in between posts. The following steps – steps.
1. login into your cpanel
2. open and edit the function.php where in your used theme
3. add this function

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function adsenseonpost() {
return '
[your adsense codes]
add_shortcode('showadsense','adsenseonpost' );

4. Save your function.php
5. Write new post , if you want add adsense code you just add or call that function. that function name is adsense and you can add it with write [showadsense]
6. save your posting… and show

THX for reading my noob tutorial :)
happy bloggin…
r3m1ck – IndonesianCoder


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