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Solar Halo Phenomenon in Yogjakarta

Halo on Jogja today

The term halo effect refers to potential errors in the observations due to something or someone over-generalizing from the evidence in limited quantities or the influence of beliefs already held or a priori hypothesis. The name “Hello” in this sense, optical phenomena in the form of a circle of light around the sun, the moon, or sometimes other light sources such as lamps, which have similarities to this generalization.
Edward L. Thorndike was the first that the halo effect with empirical inquiry. In psychological research, published in 1920, Thorndike asked the commander to his soldiers to assess Thorndike was a high proportion of all positive features and negative features. A person usually does not judge others with a mixed assessment, but think each person as good or bad in different categories measured.
Solomon Asch showed that the attraction is the main character, so let’s assume that all other characteristics of someone who would only draw as entertainment.

this morning in Indonesia precisely in jogja natural phenomenon, the following picture

Halo Sun on Yogyakarta
Halo Sun on Yogyakarta

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