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Make Stuff Candy

To make stuffing dolls by yourself for kids is really fun and is a wonderful wayStuff Dolls to give present to your child, usually baby stuff doll is expensive and everyone cannot afford it. So why don’t you try it to make it by yourself at home. The things you need are fabric, cotton, needle for sewing and thread. What you have to do is just draw pattern and just fold your fabric half and cut out two of body and two of head from the fabric. Cut the pattern of legs and arm as well.

For small leg shape cut out 8 pieces because you need two each for both of the legs and two each for both of the arms. Idea of making doll is a fun and a wonderful way to make fluffy and lovely doll. If the measurements are not accurate then no need to worry because both cutting will compensate each other. And always keep in mind when you are cutting things of fabric, just do it carefully to avoid any accident.

Stuff Dolls

Now the in the last you have to join all the pieces of fabric together. Adjust the shape according to your desired outcomes. Now, it is the time for stitching the arm and legs of the doll. So start sewing, leaving the top part open. Then the legs, arms, body and head with cotton with your hands. Then join all the parts together to give it a proper look by sewing it with needle. You can make its eyes with the help of button and make its lips by embroidery. Now your stuff candy is ready to play.

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