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Stylish and Modern Wall-Mounted Magazine Organizer – Flow by HeadSprung


Flow is a wall-mounted magazine rack designed by London-based design studio, HeadSprung. It’s very simple yet stylish magazine organizer that is a perfect match for any modern interior. It’s made of powder coated mild steel and comes in bright red color. The black version is going to be released in the near future. The rack can store up to 10 magazines in easy-to-access manner. Besides, it can fit even over-sized magazines and newspapers thanks to the fact that each shelf has one open side. Flow can also be used as a file tray or, with the use of magnets, as a memoboard for messages, notes, etc. It can be installed very easily by slotting over 2 screws and wall plugs.




  1. Joe

    How fun! Who doesn’t like a puzzle? And, of order, it’s accommodating species because of rhyme to require to be “different” than the recess and personalize it with their own artwork. At least, an artistic and original man would invent that route!
    Regards, Josh

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