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Knitted Chair With A Sweater-Like Woolen Cover

Knitted Chair hot pursuit

If you do enjoy dressed up furniture and knitted stools then the Jumper chair by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot might be interesting for you, too. The chair features a knitted sweater-like continuous oversized woolen cover that makes it very comfy and cozy. Buttons hold it over the wooden structure and bent steel legs. The cover is knitted on a ‘Knit and Wear’ machine that is skilled for clothing garments, but this is where the fashion and design production processes divide. Once the garment is completed it is then runs through a high degree wash to attain a seamless and upholstered effect eradicating most of the stretch from the wool but presenting a high quality fabric that layers the structure with precision and rigor. The chair is available in a Grey-Charcoal and Red-Grey striped versions as well as all-Grey through Established & Sons stores.

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Unusual Pendant Lamps Inspired By Medusas


These incredibly beautiful, delicate and unusual lamps in the form of medusas are designed by talented designer Roxy Towry-Russell. If you are a fan on deep seas and oceans or just love creative design then you definitely would enjoy them. These original light fixtures are made of plastic an can be hang on the ceiling. Several such lamps ca easily force your interior looks like undersea world. That is especially true for time when sun goes down and they start to produce a gentle light.