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Buy IPhone 4 Verizon? think twice

Buy IPhone 4 Verizon? think twice
If you have not heard, a favorite world of technology and more impertinent questions were again raised. Yes: That seems immortal “iPhone on Verizon buzz back in the news again.
This time, a report in The Wall Street Journal is to rekindle the flame of the iPhone Verizon. The story, originally published on Monday, citing the popular “informed by the company, like Apple will produce a CDMA version of the iPhone is ready later this year. The new iPhone, the document suggests, will be sent directly to Verizon .
Wait, though: Before launching the closest welcome mat, there are some things you might consider.
iPhone on Verizon: A skeptical view
When a story quoting anonymous people and does not provide more evidence, it is difficult to assess the reliability of their information. Of course, he could be dead – but as we have seen repeatedly in the past, it could also be complete nonsense.
Me, I want to treat these types of speculative stories with a healthy dose of skepticism. Until there is no real reason to believe in something, it’s ultimately all just rumors.