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Recycled Wooden X-Mas Trees To Hang On Wall


Christmas tree alternatives are very popular nowadays. Recycled furniture isn’t less popular. So why not to combine these two facts? The recycled wooden x-mas trees by Wood & Wool Stool are approximate 43/45 cm high and are made out of 6 different planks. Besides each of them features a small piece of string attached to the back so you can hang it on a wall. Wooden planks allow to screw small hooks in the planks so that you can decorate the tree. In case you like the idea you might hang one tree in each of your rooms. That will fill them with the Christmas mood but won’t occupy a lot of space.

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Modern Plywood Christmas Tree

Modern Plywood Christmas Tree

BUILD is one of those architecture companies that has something interesting and inspiring in all its works. We already wrote about several houses that the team has designed and here is one more work they’ve recently done. Plywood Re-usable Christmas Tree Prototype is based on the classic Frasier Fir, often used for Christmas trees in the Pacific Northwest. It stands 5’-0” tall and is fabricated in two leaves that slide together with a slip-notch. When not in use, the leaves slide apart and can be flat packed for efficient storage. 1/8” Diameter holes and 1/2” grooves allow for the addition of lights and ornaments. The profile is cut from 1/2” thick apple-ply for its strength and crisp laminated edges. The prototype dimensions have been engineered so that a plywood tree can be cut from one 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood. The final tree is a very nice modern Christmas tree alternative.