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Compact Multimedia Laptop Desk With Built-In Speakers System


LD 120 dock by La Boite Concept is a compact multimedia laptop desk designed to fans of high quality music. It can play music from any computer or other device that could be connected via USB. The desk features seven speakers pumping out 120 watts of sound, a Hi-Fi sound card that works as with Macs as with PCs, a sub-woofer and several amplifiers. 8-layer piano lacquer finish and natural leather desk pad make the desk not only practical but also very stylish. The natural leather desk pad is insulated from the sub-woofer against vibration so working on this multi-functional desk would be always comfortable.

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Compact Desks and Tables With Thoughtful Storage and Cable Management

Compact Desk

Zeta is a series of different modern tables by French company Studio Manzano. It is designed by Jérôme Groove and Johann Aumaitre and consists of a desk, console table and a night table. They all share similar design and each of them made of a single sheet of metal carefully cut and folded. Each table comes is available in black and white colors that are perfect for their minimalist designs. Under top of all of them is a small shelf that is perfect to store handbags, magazines, and other small stuff. Besides, each table comes with thoughtful cable management solution that helps to minimize the clutter.