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Stylish Flush Handles To Operate Bathroom Fittings by TECE


Built-in flush systems is a quite trendy way to make your bathroom more clean and minimalist. They could be found among products of many bathroom fitting manufacturers. The cool thing is that such systems could be combined with different flush handles and push plates. Push plates are quite common but flush handles looks much more interesting and unusual. TECE is the company that produce such handles for such companies as Dornbracht, Hansa, EMCO, Kludi, Jado or SAM. All these flush handles match their fitting series designs and are easy to operate. You don’t need to press them – you need turn them. After that the handle automatically returns smoothly to its original position. Besides, the flush handles allow to minimize water consumption because you can flush as 3 as 6/9 liters depending in what side you turn the handle.