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Download insurance.aes256 file posted by WikiLeaks

Free Download insurance.aes256

WikiLeaks recently published a mysterious 1.4GB file entitled “insurance.aes256″ on their Afghan War Logs page, with no explanation. While much speculation has been going on as to the origins and purpose of the file, I have not been able to find any evidence for any of these theories. Many sources are saying that it is an encrypted file. Some are saying that the file could be garbage or some kind of hoax. Others are saying that it is ‘insurance’ against WikiLeaks being taken down by the United States government.

You can download the insurance.aes256 file yourself using a BitTorrent client via this magnet link. If you don’t have a BitTorrent client, or can’t/don’t want to install one, you can use this BitLet link (requires Java.)