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How to change your name Facebook if get limited

I have a problem with my facebook when my name of my facebook account get limited :( , so i ask to all my friend and get nothing, they all said that condition is permanent, cann`t be change. So i directly to searching on google, and found a solution for my problem :D ,
I will share this trick to change your facebook name if you have condition like what i was.
There is Step by Step how to change your Facebook name :

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XSS on Facebook (autopost)

What has happened out there really pushes me to share this out. I call this an Autopost Spamming using Facebook Mobile XSS. I dont care anymore if this one will be filtered, the faster they fix it, the better. People dont seem to care how hard i tried to hide this code from facebook team. frankly, i also use this to post spam with link to this blog, but it only affects indonesian ip + with a custom interval. So people outside indonesia wont be able to see this. Too bad it’s now spread like a worm everywhere wide open without any source code protection.