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My Web Using Litespeed Now :D

Alhamdulillah… today, 6 march 2011 , my web “” and 2 other have a new webserver :) , and this webserver using litespeed technology. What is Litespeed?¬†LiteSpeed is the only high-performance Apache replacement compatible with hosting control panels
Enhance your web hosting environment with LiteSpeed Web Server, the only high-performance replacement for Apache that is compatible with web hosting control panels. Increase performance, security and ease of administration in your control panel-managed web server.

  • Only LiteSpeed supports¬†.htaccess with Apache compatibility.
  • .htaccess support is a mandatory feature for today’s hosting environment. Many popular off-the-shelf web applications rely on it and it is the most common way to allow a user to change web server configuration without access to the main configuration file.