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Shock Lamer with wp-config Redirect

This is a funny redirect. I get one or two visits a day from lamer trying to enter my server by checking if a wp-config-file exists that is no longer the newest version. I got best panic results by linking to the Russian IT-Counter-intelligence Agency or СВР (SVR) – Foreign Intelligence Service.

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All About .htaccess

. Htaccess file is a simple ASCII text file located in your www directory or in a subdirectory folder www. We can create or edit this file in Text Editor (Notepad) and then upload it to the directory we want to change its setting. Make sure that the file isuploaded in ASCII not BINARY format, and make sure the file permissions for the filewas set to 644 (rw-r-r-). This allows the server to access the files but prevent users toaccess files from their browser.