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Text Editor – 32 Useful Portable Apps For Web Designers and Developers

After yesterday I share about portable Browser session. Now I want share about Portable Text Editor. This tools is very important for website developer, with this tools we can write some code of PHP , HTML , ASP , javascript and etc.
Here is the list of Portable Text Editor

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Text Editor

  1. Notepad++

    Notepad++ is one of the most popular notepad replacement for Windows. You can download the portable version of this application from the website.
  2. Web Design Toy

    Web Design Toy is a simple application that will splits into two views where you can instantly preview the output when you type he HTML code. Download the application and double click the exe file to launch. No installation required.
  3. Oiko Visual CSS editor

    Oiko is a visual editor for CSS. It lets user design the CSS easily and use tree-node method to display the structure of the HTML and CSS. Choose the portable version when you download this application.
  4. KompoZer Portable

    Although we have Notepad++ and visual CSS editor, but an easy-to-use web editor will save us a lot of works. Kompozer uses the same Gecko engine that powered Firefox and Thunderbird.

Yupz, there are four portable application session Text Editor , which can help much for Website Developer, next time I want share about Portable application Image Editors. See ya 8)

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