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Using Custom Font in Your Website with CSS

when I doing some job from my clients, one of my client request is making a personal website with a custom font, and she give me a font style to using in her website. Now , I want to share with all of you How to using custom font style in your website.
Ok first we must decide what the style of font we want to use. You can find the font style in , they give us free font style there. After You found the style of font which you like.

Second step is uploading this style of font into your hosting. Usually the type is a .ttf file format. And the the last step is adding some code into your CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) , here is the code,, 8)

@font-face {
	font-family: custom_sexy_font;
	src: url('custom_sexy_font.ttf');

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After that you can use it just like a normal CSS declaration:

	font-family:  custom_sexy_font; /* no .ttf */

This way you can use as many custom fonts as you feel like on your website.
the advantage using this way is the visitor doesn’t have the style of custom font, they can see the custom style font because we include the custom font into our hosting server :woot:

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