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WordPress Hash Generator

:redface: Hi comrades, long time no see  8) . Sorry for long hibernate  :lol:  I need time to fix some problem in the office. I think this post is not big deal , huh   :nyesel:  , I just want to share about wordpress hash. WordPress is using hash from PHP password hashing framework . You can find the file on your wordpress trunk ( ‘/wp-includes/class-phpass.php’) , yeah that’s the file for create wordpress and we need to create this tool.  :redface:

Okay , in this case we will create tool to generate wordpress hash with php cli, yayy command line interface. Firstly, we grab the wordpress file ( I mean class-phpass.php to our folder).

and there is the code for generate wordpress hash with php cli .

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# Wordpress hash generator
# Rosdyana Kusuma -
# using some class from wp-includes/class-phpass.php
# Exploit-ID :: KebumenCyber :: IndonesianCoderTeam

require_once 'phpass.php'; //this file from wp-includes/class-phpass.php , I rename to phpass.php
class wp_hasher{
	function __construct($pass){
		//check if parameter is empty show the help
	//set format of passwordhash
	$pass_hash = new PasswordHash(8, TRUE);
	//create hash from password
	$hashed_pass = $pass_hash->HashPassword($pass);
	//print the result
	print "\nHash from ".$pass." is ".$hashed_pass."\n";
	//func. to show help
	function help(){
		print "\nHow to using :\n";
		print "wp_hash.php < fill with your password > \n";
		print "wp_hash.php r3m1ckganteng \n";
$wp_hashgen = new wp_hasher($argv[1]);

Happy Coding comrades !! 8)

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