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WriteUp : Part 2 [col]

Part 2 of this CTF is called [col] , the question is

Daddy told me about cool MD5 hash collision today.
I wanna do something like that too!

ssh -p2222 (pw:guest)

let’s connect to that server and see what they have there :D


ah ha, similar with part 1 , ok so we will do the same things, check the source , add some logs,



so, in this challenge we need to enter pass code, which is it must be in 20 bytes.

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ok, we can add logs, and try to run it


so, according to check_password() function, we need to find sum of 4 bit equal with hascode ( 0x21DD09EC ) ,


I tried to input \x01 muliply with 20 to get 20 bytes, the result as above is wrong password because the value is 0x5050505 , we need the value is equal with 0x21DD09EC.

it’s easy, let calculate it

x = 0x21DD09EC – 0x4040404

x = 0x1DD905E8

so, we need to input 20 bytes as `python -c “print ‘\x01’*16 + ‘\xE8’ + ‘\x05’ + ‘\xD9’ + ‘\x1D’ “`

0x4040404 equal with \0x1 * 16, let see the result of flag


the flag is : daddy! I just managed to create a hash collision :)

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